Women aim high!


November 11th is Women’s Day in Belgium, the ideal opportunity for dating site Twoo to ask its members about their opinion on relationships. Women seem to be more demanding when it comes to the financial organisation of the household, but they also attach more importance to the level of education of their potential partner.

Numbers show that women want more independence when it comes to finances than men.
37.5% of women claims they don’t want joint accounts, while only 14.3% of men is against it. Out of the group of women who are in favour of joint accounts, 74% wants to manage it. Among men only 53% wants that level of control.

In terms of household affairs, 70.8% of women is prepared to stay at home and take care of the kids while their partner works. That number is even higher among men: 82.1%. Furthermore, a lot more women want their partner to have a job: 34% wants a working partner even if they earn plentiful. A mere 12% of men expect their partner to work.

Lien Louwagie, spokeswoman at Twoo: “Our results show that nowadays, women want to be more financially independent, and they have a clear vision on household roles. A situation where both partners work seems to be the norm, even if the household income is high enough.”

Women find holding a degree more important than men. 32% will hesitate to date a partner that holds a lower degree than them. Among men, this accounts for only 11%. Having a lower degree, though, is never a real problem: 92% of women don’t consider a lower level of education a deal-breaker.

Women’s Day in Belgium is celebrated every year on November 11th, reaching its 45th edition this year.