Elections: Belgians don’t like to discuss politics but their partner’s beliefs matter


The Belgian elections are coming up. Every day a new scandal or debate rises; but what does the average Belgian think about politics? We were wondering how Belgians are experiencing the election fever and took a dive into our database. The results of the survey among 8950 Belgians? Men show more interest in politics than women do but 1 out of 3 Belgian women does not want a partner with a different political belief. Although we don’t discuss it often, Belgians do value someone’s political stance.

Barely 14% of Belgians think politics are interesting
Are politics interesting? Barely 14% of Belgians think so. The rest of them take absolutely no interest in politics (40%) or only in certain cases (46%). In general, women (44%) tend to indicate a disinterest in politics more often than men (36%). This trend shows across the board.

8% of Belgians do not consider themselves smart enough for intellectual conversations
Belgians do not find politics really interesting in general, making it not their favourite topic to talk about. Barely 29.3% of Belgians enjoy discussing political topics. Here as well, Belgian men (34.3%) are slightly more enthusiastic than women (24.2%). The biggest reason for the aversion? 23.6% of Belgians think these conversations are boring or even annoying. Another 8% of Belgians do not consider themselves smart enough for such intellectual conversations.

1 in 3 Belgian women do not want a partner with different political beliefs
Which role is there for politics within a relationship? With our partners as well, we rather discuss other topics than politics. 53.3% finds such conversations too boring or too personal. Although we don’t talk about it often, someone’s political beliefs do matter to Belgians. 27% could not be in a relationship with someone who has different political beliefs. Women seem to be a bit stricter in this area. 1 out of 3 (33.4%) women would not go for it while the percentage among men is lower at 20.9%.