Belgians like to be woken up for a wild night


It’s hot. Ice and fans are selling like crazy, chilled drinks and sweat are flowing freely and it’s hard to get a good night’s sleep. We dove into our database to have a look at Belgians’ sleeping habits. The results of our survey among 7,500 Belgians? Almost 1 in 5 Belgian women sleep with a teddy bear and 79% of Belgian men like to be woken up for a wild night.

Men are more tolerant of snoring than women

It’s not always easy to fall asleep with temperatures like these. Our survey reveals that even with normal temperatures we often lie awake at night. Belgian women have more issues sleeping than men. 46.1% of women report suffering from insomnia regularly to frequently. This percentage is much lower for Belgian men (29.1%).

Men not only sleep better, they are also more tolerant of disturbing sounds. Whereas 71.4% of Belgian men wouldn’t mind sharing the room with someone who snores, this is a no go for 41.9% of women.

79% of Belgian men like to be woken up for a wild night

Differences can also be noted in sleeping outfits. 30.3% of Belgian women sleep in pajamas, 23.7% stick to underwear. The corresponding figures for men are 12.4% and 42.6%. As many as 40.8% of Belgian men like to sleep in their birthday suit, for women this percentage is a lot lower (28.2%).

Coincidence or not, our survey shows that men don’t mind being woken up at all for a wild night. 79% of men indicate that their partner can always wake them up for some action. Belgian women (56.1%) are not reluctant either to some kissing and caressing when they’re already asleep, although for them it more often depends on the moment (42%).

At the same time, men more often pull an all-nighter. Over half of the Belgian men (51.1% - opposed to 27.6% of women) have stayed up for more than 36 hours.

Almost 1 in 5 women sleep with a teddy bear

36.9% of Belgians like to listen to music while sleeping. 3.3% of them even need this to fall asleep. In contrast, 33.7% of women and 22.5% of men indicate they would not be able to sleep while music’s playing.

Our survey also shows that Belgian women read more often before bedtime than men. While 40.8% of women report reading a few pages regularly up to every evening, nearly half as many men (25.4%) do the same.

What’s striking: almost 1 in 5 Belgian women (18%) sleep with a teddy bear - opposed to 5.7% of men.