World Day for Cultural Diversity: about spelling Nazis and dinosaur conspiracies


No country in the world is the same. Thank goodness, we’d say, or the world would be a boring place. Did you know that for example half of the inhabitants of Saudi Arabia think that dinosaurs are a myth? Or that Brazilians are most in favour of casual dating?

As we’re celebrating Cultural Diversity today, let’s have a look at the results of the survey that we conducted among users from all over the world.

A white lie? Not for Belgians

Of all the nationalities surveyed, Belgians claim to be the worst liars. Almost 9 out of 10 Belgians consider themselves bad liars. Spaniards on the other hand are a lot more likely to bend the truth: 1 out of 3 indicate they’re good at lying.

But which situations justify lying? Suppose a company calls you to ask for a reference for a friend. Can you sugarcoat the truth to help your friend get the job? For Iranian men a little white lie is no big deal (63%). Belgian women don’t agree, 7 out of 10 do have issues with this kind of lies. So employers, you’d better call a Belgian woman when you’re after a reference.

People around the world prefer to go out on Friday night

Nearly 1 out of 2 Iranians don’t want to spend their Friday and Saturday nights at home. In contrast to many other nationalities, 9 out of 10 Belgians don’t mind an evening on the couch at all. A bag of chips and Netflix, why not, right?

Friday night is the preferred date night in many countries. Brazilians are at their hottest at the start of the weekend. 3 out of 5 Brazilians often go on dates just to have casual sex. Once again Belgians are the most reserved in this regard: only 35% indicate that they are dating just for sex. Remarkably, countries we consider to be more conservative than the West, like Iran and Saudi Arabia, are actually more open-minded than we are. About half of the inhabitants of these countries would go out with someone just for sex.

Spelling Nazis are mainly women

Women are more often annoyed by spelling mistakes than men. Especially Northern European women (e.g. Sweden, Norway): about 45% of them are annoyed by spelling mistakes. Only in China and – of course – Belgium, men are more annoyed by spelling mistakes than women. Take it easy, guys!

Is there a dinosaur conspiracy?

Americans seem to think there is. Almost half of Americans are suspicious and question the existence of dinosaurs. Saudi Arabians (47%) don’t believe in dinosaurs either. Also in Belgium many people are far from convinced: 2 out of 5 Belgians doubt whether dinosaurs were really roaming our planet 200 million years ago.

Horoscopes are not just for women

Is it a mystery to you why your date no longer wants to meet up? Have a look at your zodiac sign. When looking for love women think the other person’s zodiac sign is an important factor. In Belgium 1 out of 5 women think the zodiac sign of their potential partner matters. In Saudi Arabia this number is even higher (36%).

However, many men seem to be into astrology too. In Iran, for instance, more than half of men take the zodiac sign of their female crush into account. Iranian women are slightly less impressed than their men: 45% think the zodiac sign of their partner is important.

Astrology, a women’s thing? We don’t think so!