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Massive Media (Twoo, Netlog) expands, launches UK office

<i>Belgian formed social media company adds 2nd European base in London.</i><br /><br />Massive Media, the company behind successful social networks Twoo and Netlog, has expanded its operation by launching an office in London’s trendy Soho. As Massive Media’s social discovery platform Twoo continues to grow, online and on mobile, the Belgian based company felt the need to establish a marketing base in Europe’s startup hub.<br /><br />Over 12 milllion people log into Massive Media’s products every month throughout the world, and given Twoo’s focus… Read more

Twoo asks: are Belgian men the most attractive in the world

<i>Behavioural data from social discovery site suggests Belgian men may have the most desirable characteristics.</i><br /><br />Are you an honest, sporty guy with nice eyes? That’s the profile of Belgian men on social discovery site, and according to data from its 9 million monthly visitors, that’s exactly what women want, revealed by a study of Twoo’s data on the most visited users in each of its individual territories, and worldwide.<br /><br />Worldwide, women on Twoo love guys with nice eyes (21%), they crave an honest soul (23%) and… Read more

The European Social Networks Group website launch

<i>Twoo is proud to be part of the European Social Networks Group. For more information on the ESNG, please read the release below.</i><br /><br /><i>BERLIN, 15.10.2012 </i>- The European Social Networks Group, consisting of 7 companies running social network services from and within Europe with more than 160 million members in total, announces the launch of its website <a target='_blank' rel='noopener nofollow' href=''></a><br /><br />The European Social Networks Group is glad to announce today the launch of its new website - presenting its actions, purposes, goals and topics to… Read more

It's all About the Curves…

<i>...But When it Comes to Picking a Date UK men and Women Prefer a Nice Face to a Nice Body!</i><br /><br />New stats from social discovery platform show that UK men like their women to be more Kelly Brook and less Kate Moss. When looking for a date 27% of men wanted a curvy silhouette compared to only 2% who were after a supermodel shape.<br /><br />But both men and women agreed that a nice face was more desirable than a great body. When asked to name the most important feature they look for, both sexes chose nice eyes and a great… Read more

Brits are cheapskates on dates, it’s official

<i> finds that the North East spent the least on dating in 2011</i><br /><br /><i>London, UK </i>– 39% of single Brits spent less than £100 on dating in 2011, new research* from has revealed. Spare a thought for those who went out on dates with these cheapskates as this figure includes the cost of taking someone out on a date, buying new clothes for a date and any online dating subscriptions. The survey of 1,000 people was commissioned by and conducted by research company Toluna.<br /><br />When asked how much they spent on… Read more