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Almost half of the UK would consider an open-relationship

New survey also finds 1/3 wouldn’t need to sleep with someone before considering marriage <br /><br />London, February 2, 2014 – Twoo, a global social network for meeting new people, has researched attitudes toward modern relationships in the UK and found 43% of Brits (48% of men and 30% of women) would consider an open relationship where they could ‘see’ other people. However the survey also revealed that when it comes to jealousy in a relationship; 33% (Men and women both 33%) believe it is healthy.<br /><br />Twoo’s survey of 2,000 UK… Read more

Video Shows Which Gender Fairs Better With Mistletoe
01/5/2015 <a href="">video</a> reveals what happens when a guy and a girl take to the streets of London armed with mistletoe and a GoPro camera<br /><br />London, Thursday 18th December, 2014 – <b></b>, a global social network for meeting new people, helped two Twoo users to find out once and for all who wins the battle of sexes when it comes to a festive mistletoe kiss-off. Armed with a GoPro and a mistletoe attached to Santa’s hat, Emma, 22, and Tom, 26, took to the streets of central London to see if they can spread some Christmas cheer… Read more

Brits chat up The Terminator, Mary Poppins and E.T.
11/5/2014 reveal what happens when the UK is chatted-up using film characters’ catchphrases<br /><br />London, Tuesday 5th November, 2014 – <b>,</b> a global social network for meeting new people, today reveal what happens when the Brits are chatted-up by some of the most recognizable film characters ranging from Mary Poppins to Dr Evil of Austin Powers fame. <br /><br />The social experiment employed some of the most iconic catchphrases, including the Terminator’s smooth “I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle” and E.T.’s… Read more

Liverpudlians most likely to ‘swipe right’ in the UK

• reveal top 10 UK city swipe standards, Liverpool revealed as having the lowest standards<br />• Brits are most picky between 5pm-7pm when swiping to find a date<br />• Austrian girls swipe right the most in Europe, whilst Dutch girls are the pickiest<br /><br />London, Tuesday 30th September, 2014 – <b></b>, a global social network for meeting new people, today reveal the UK cities with the highest and lowest standards for ‘swiping right’, and Liverpool tops the list for having the lowest standards when searching to meet… Read more

Twoo launches ‘Friends with Benefits’ contract

New contract available to download from allows two members to enter into a ‘Friends with Benefits’ arrangement<br /><br />London, August 12, 2014 – To celebrate the term ‘Friends with Benefits’ making it into the Chambers Dictionary, Twoo, a global social network for meeting new people, is today launching a contract for people who want to sign up to being ‘Friends with Benefits’.<br /><br />From defining times in the day people can contact each other to what behaviour is allowed in public, the new ‘Friends with Benefits’ contract,… Read more