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Women can take the lead more than they think

<b>Only 17% of women take the initiative for a first date</b><br /><br />For the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8, we thought the time was right to dig into our users’ views on equality between men and women. Surprisingly: men generally think it’s OK for women to take the lead in a number of areas. However, women themselves don’t seem to share that idea.<br /><br /><b>Men want women to take the lead</b><br /><br />31% of men (compared to 17% of women) think women can always take the initiative for a first date. If the date is going well, 39% of men… Read more

BMW has the best back seat for sex

BMW drivers are the most aggressive behind the wheel and have yet to discover the use of indicators, that’s a rumour we’ve all heard before. What’s new is that their “sporty” driving style seems to apply to the back seat as well.<br /><br />A survey we conducted shows that half of the Belgians flirt in traffic. 77% even admit they’ve had sex in a car.<br /><br />Furthermore, the survey shows that 49% of Belgians prefer the back seat of a BMW to get intimate. Just in case you were planning to buy a car, you know what to look for. Read more

Spice up your conversations with Clips

<b>Have you tried our latest awesome feature Clips?</b><br /><br />You can now send each other video messages of maximum 15 seconds. Once the recipient has viewed the Clip, it’s gone forever, just like on Snapchat. “This is a first for the online dating world,” says Nicolas Van Hoorde, Director of Product at Twoo.<br /><br />The videos serve a dual purpose, explains Lien Louwagie, Community Director at Twoo: “They make our users’ chat experience even more enjoyable. For many users chatting is the main reason to visit an online dating site. Adding… Read more

Belgians prefer to date on the beach

<b>Summertime, and the dating is easy. That’s how this classic song most likely would have sounded if a Belgian had written the lyrics. Belgians love to go outside for a date, and what better place to head to than the beach? By the way, they’re also quite open-minded when it comes to having sex on the first date: a good half of them would be open to it.</b><br /><br /><br />Nearly 6 out of 10 Belgians (58.6%) take their date to the beach. Going for dinner or drinks is considerably less popular. While only 1 out of 3 (30.3%) books a table… Read more

How to score a date online?

<b>Because online dating is all the rage in Belgium – half of all Belgians are open to it – we investigated how to start the perfect online conversation. We’ve all heard the classic “Haven’t we met before?” It’s so cliche and downright futile. But which pick-up lines work like a charm and are bound to get you a first date? Here are the hits… and the misses.</b><br /><br /><br />Your pick-up line can really make or break your chances of getting a first date. So we decided to ask our users to see what exactly worked well for them. From the… Read more

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