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Orgasm Day: More than ¾ of Belgians prefer 1 orgasm to a lifetime supply of snacks

How important are orgasms to Belgians? In honour of Orgasm Day (tomorrow, 21 December) we just had to find out. What’s the easiest way to reach the big O and do women really fake it that often? Our survey among more than 5,000 Belgians shows that over three quarters of Belgians would prefer a 30-minute orgasm to a lifetime supply of their favourite snack food. Although we’d rather turn down a snack than an orgasm, that does not mean that every time you hit the sheets should end with a climax.<br /><br /><b>The battle of the sexes</b><br />… Read more

Single during the holidays? No, thanks.

The new year is getting closer and along with all the festivities many of us are setting New Year’s resolutions. Another year, another occasion for us to dig into our statistics. What did we find? Women want to lose weight more often, but abandon their good intentions faster. No less than 8 out of 10 Belgians are not looking forward to the holidays and the compulsory family gatherings. Whereas 44% of men attach most importance to the company of their partner, 59% of women prefer the company of their relatives.<br /><br /><b>8 out…</b> Read more

International Student Day: 1 in 10 Belgian Youth Doesn’t Feel Complete Being Single

Tomorrow is International Student Day, the ideal opportunity to find out what Belgian youngsters expect from a relationship. Are they looking for a great love story or are they interested in superficial flirting? Our research from more than 5,000 Belgians shows that young people (18-24 years old) have a much more romantic image of relationships than older generations. Passion, pampering and sharing the finances: our youth are really romantic. For 50% of the youth, a loved one is someone for whom they would do… Read more

Belgium fights Monday blues with online dating

<b>Online dating is hot. Worldwide swiping singles are paving the way for the online dating scene. On the bus, in their seats, on the toilet - thanks to the almighty smartphone there’s always a match to be made. But is swiping only done in private, or do Belgians also look to make a match during their work day? The Belgian dating app Twoo reviewed the surfing behavior of 80,000 Belgians and did some research. So what’s the conclusion? Work or no work, Belgians regularly turn to online dating on Mondays.</b><br /><br /><b>Monday blues are…</b> Read more

1 in 5 Belgians are against the smoking ban in bars

<b>Tomorrow is World No Tobacco Day, a worldwide campaign created by the World Health Organisation to highlight the risks associated with tobacco use. In light of that day, dating app Twoo dove into their database of more than 1,500,000 Belgian members to see their thoughts on the unhealthy habit. The influence of smoking on our health is obvious, but what about the impact smoking has on our social lives?</b><br /> <br /><b>Smoking, is it a major deal breaker?</b><br />The data reveals that 32%… Read more