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Humour is more important than money

<b>Tomorrow is April Fools’ Day, better known as the day we like to pull pranks on each other. We dove straight into our stats to find out how important humour is to Belgians and which types of jokes leave us wanting more. The results? 58% of Belgians indicate that humour is a very important personality trait. Witty jokes or puns score best, but Belgians also like more daring humour.</b><br /><br /><b>Funny beats rich</b><br /><br />When searching for potential matches, a good sense of humour ranks high on our list. 58% of Belgians indicate that humour… Read more

World Compliment Day: spread the good vibes

What better way to honour World Compliment Day than with a campaign that lasts all month? During the month of March we’ll challenge our users to say “yes” to each other a bit more often. “Yes, I’m open to get to know you, just the way you are”. In short: don’t pin down on a first impression and say “yes” to each other this month.<br /><br /><b>Connections in times of… no time</b><br /><br />In this digital era it is very easy to talk to many people in a short time. But meeting new people requires time, energy, effort. Things we think we don’t… Read more

Galentine’s Day: 59.5% of Belgians would not stop seeing a friend if their partner asked them to

Today is February 13, better known as Galentine’s Day, a contraction of “Girls” and “Valentine’s Day”. On Galentine’s Day girls and guys around the globe get together with their pals to celebrate friendship. But how important is friendship to Belgians? Will we celebrate Galentine’s or stick to Valentine’s Day? Another excuse for us to dive into our stats! What did we find? Over half of the 2,500 Belgians surveyed would not stop seeing a friend because his or her partner asked them to, but we don’t tell our friends… Read more

Blue Monday: Half of Belgians have hidden frustrations, but a hug works wonders

Today is Blue Monday, aka the most depressing day of the year. The festive season is now a distant memory, the days are dark and wet, and it’s Monday… With this in mind, we dove into our statistics. What is it that makes Belgians sad or grumpy and what could bring comfort during these dark days? What did we find? Half of Belgians live their lives with hidden frustrations, but a hug can work wonders to make us feel better.<br /><br /><b>Failed New Year’s resolutions</b><br /><br />The festive season is now a distant memory, numerous New Year’s… Read more

Orgasm Day: More than ¾ of Belgians prefer 1 orgasm to a lifetime supply of snacks

How important are orgasms to Belgians? In honour of Orgasm Day (tomorrow, 21 December) we just had to find out. What’s the easiest way to reach the big O and do women really fake it that often? Our survey among more than 5,000 Belgians shows that over three quarters of Belgians would prefer a 30-minute orgasm to a lifetime supply of their favourite snack food. Although we’d rather turn down a snack than an orgasm, that does not mean that every time you hit the sheets should end with a climax.<br /><br /><b>The battle of the sexes</b><br />… Read more