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Elections: Belgians don’t like to discuss politics but their partner’s beliefs matter

The Belgian elections are coming up. Every day a new scandal or debate rises; but what does the average Belgian think about politics? We were wondering how Belgians are experiencing the election fever and took a dive into our database. The results of the survey among 8950 Belgians? Men show more interest in politics than women do but 1 out of 3 Belgian women does not want a partner with a different political belief. Although we don’t discuss it often, Belgians do value someone’s political stance.

Barely 14% of… Read more

Belgians like to be woken up for a wild night

It’s hot. Ice and fans are selling like crazy, chilled drinks and sweat are flowing freely and it’s hard to get a good night’s sleep. We dove into our database to have a look at Belgians’ sleeping habits. The results of our survey among 7,500 Belgians? Almost 1 in 5 Belgian women sleep with a teddy bear and 79% of Belgian men like to be woken up for a wild night.

Men are more tolerant of snoring than women

It’s not always easy to fall asleep with temperatures like these. Our survey reveals that even with normal… Read more

Summer holidays: Belgians give more compliments than Greeks and Italians

Summer’s here and that can only mean 1 thing: holidays! Many of us are visiting sunny places like Spain, Italy or Greece in the coming months. All of these holiday destinations are known for their blissful weather, endless beaches and delicious food. But we couldn’t help but wonder: what about the local population? So we dove into our database. The results of our survey among 280,000 users? Italians and Spaniards consider themselves cheerful, the Greeks and French describe themselves as honest. And while Greek men… Read more

World Day for Cultural Diversity: about spelling Nazis and dinosaur conspiracies

No country in the world is the same. Thank goodness, we’d say, or the world would be a boring place. Did you know that for example half of the inhabitants of Saudi Arabia think that dinosaurs are a myth? Or that Brazilians are most in favour of casual dating?

As we’re celebrating Cultural Diversity today, let’s have a look at the results of the survey that we conducted among users from all over the world.

A white lie? Not for Belgians

Of all the nationalities surveyed, Belgians claim to be the worst liars. Almost 9 out… Read more

Humour is more important than money

Tomorrow is April Fools’ Day, better known as the day we like to pull pranks on each other. We dove straight into our stats to find out how important humour is to Belgians and which types of jokes leave us wanting more. The results? 58% of Belgians indicate that humour is a very important personality trait. Witty jokes or puns score best, but Belgians also like more daring humour.

Funny beats rich

When searching for potential matches, a good sense of humour ranks high on our list. 58% of Belgians indicate that humour… Read more

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