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Twoo policy on reporting to the police

Twoo collaborates closely with the Belgian Federal Computer Crime Unit. Twoo makes sure all data for further investigation is saved for another 6 months. In case of offences that are prosecuted only upon complaints, we guide the member to the correct authority, and we make sure all data is saved in case the police needs it. Below, police officers can find more information on what kind of data can be requested from Twoo and how.

Twoo policy on saving data

Types of personal data collected by Twoo:

  • Public information published by members:

    • Information on profiles, photos...
    • Messages sent to other users
    • Contacts
  • Private information added by members:

    • E-mail addresses or Facebook logins
    • Mobile numbers (not always available)
    • Buying and spending of Credits and Premium (if any)
  • History and logs:

    • Time, date and IP address of registration
    • Time, date and IP address of logins
    • Time, date and URL of all Twoo pages you visited
    • Searches performed on the website/app
    • Technical information regarding your browser and computer/mobile device
Types of personal data collected by Twoo:

As long as an account is active, all of the above information is available (disclaimer: due to technical issues, it is always possible that information got lost). Twoo stores data for a period of 6 months after profiles are blocked or deleted. If you wish to prolong this period, please inform Twoo of this request and the reason for your request.

More information

Please read our Privacy Statement for more information on Twoo’s policy on saving data.

How to retrieve user data from Twoo

International police forces

Unfortunately we are legally not allowed to provide you with any personal details regarding a user, as we are a Belgian company. Please use the appropriate procedure through a Commission Rogatoire Internationale (CRI) (now also known as a Letter of Request).

Meanwhile, if you pass us the userID or the e-mail address of the account, we will already collect the data you request and one of our Community Managers will verify if the account needs action (if you prefer us not to block the account, please let us know!).

Belgian police forces

Data can be obtained by sending Twoo an official request. Your request should contain the following information:

  • The exact userID or email address. You can find the userID in the URL of a user's profile: https://www.twoo.com/userID
  • The exact information that is requested. Often this is identification information like the IP address from the last login or registration
  • Motivation for the request. Please mention the articles motivating your request

To obtain private messages, we require a search warrant. Official requests can be sent to Lien Louwagie, VP of Community:

  • via fax: +32 2 400 43 20
  • via post: Massive Media, E. Braunplein 18, 9000 Ghent, Belgium
  • via email: info-en@twoo.com

You can expect an answer within 2 weeks. For urgent requests (for example missing persons), please mention the urgency clearly on the request.