Dutch taking online friendships to another level

Posted on 4th April, 2014 in Twoo


Every now and then, we like to bring you news of trends we’ve spotted among Twoo users, giving you a glimpse into the psyches of potential new friends from around the world. This time around, we thought we’d focus on the Netherlands.

Dutch use of social discovery sites like Twoo appears to be changing, and meeting new people in person is becoming increasingly important. In a recent study, we found that Holland leads the way in Western Europe when it comes to meeting online contacts in real life, with two-thirds of Dutch respondents having transferred their friendships from their devices to the outside world. Compare this to some of the other countries in our survey – Belgium (60%), France (51%), Germany (46%) – and it becomes clear that the Dutch are at the forefront of modern relationships. And they’re light years ahead of the UK, where only 26% were willing to take the plunge and move online friendships offline.

So, the Dutch are meeting new people IRL… but how? And where? What’s the secret to successfully building on the connections you’ve made online?

Firstly, it’s not always about dating! 44% of our Dutch members claimed that they were looking for friendship, ahead of 34% who were seeking romance with a potential partner. The main reason given for meeting at all was a previous enjoyable online chat.

Once you’ve decided you want to meet, it’s time to choose a place. Our friends in the Netherlands definitely favour having fun in a casual way. 66% picked a bar or a pub as their venue of choice – but not just to calm their jangled nerves with booze; in fact, more than half said they’d opt for a cup of coffee. Prefer the outdoors? Well, if you’re into physical exercise, perhaps Holland is the place for you, as taking a walk came in as the surprise third favourite encounter. The conclusion seems to be that the Dutch are waving goodbye to traditional (and formal) meeting places in favour of a more laid-back approach.

As Lien Louwagie, Community Director at Twoo, explains: “Every month, more than 140,000 Dutch people use Twoo to expand their social network, and this number continues to grow. The Dutch are very open in their online contact – they love to have fun and get to know people in an easy way.” But don’t just take her word for it – the stats back her up! 96% of our Dutch users said that they’d had a fun time during their first encounter with a Twoo friend. Even better, 63% met up with their new friend again, and almost half of our Dutch pals met with more than one person. One in five even said that they’d met more than three friends through Twoo.

So if you want a high success rate when moving your friendships from the digital world to real life, it all starts with making a strong connection on Twoo.

Have fun!


Dutch lead the way in their love for phones

Posted on 28th February, 2014 in Twoo

Teenage couple looking at cellphone

According to a survey answered by more than half a million of our international users, we’ve found that the Dutch are the most strongly attached to their mobile phones, with a third (34%) of them claiming that they definitely couldn’t live without their devices. This puts the Netherlands at the top of the countries surveyed, ahead of Germany (13%), Spain (19%), France (20%) and the US (22%). Around a third of these high-tech lowlanders would choose to take a phone or a laptop to a desert island, instead of personal photos and letters (20%), or a pen and football(6%).

Twoo is used as a meeting place by a growing number of people in Holland – more than 500,000 have registered on the site since we launched in 2011. Around 10,000 of our Dutch friends responded to our questions about their mobile use, and only 3% of them said that they could imagine life without a cell phone.

The prominence of the phone in Dutch daily life is also evident in the stats on their surfing behaviour on Twoo. 44% of the 150,000 users who sign in each month are making new connections using their smartphones. This is significantly more than the global average of 33%.

As Twoo’s Community Director, Lien Louwagie, explains: “The Dutch are proven leaders in the use of mobile technology. We’ve already released apps for the iPhone, Android and Windows phones, and we’ve recently introduced apps for iPad and Android tablets for our tech-savvy users from the Netherlands. Mobile devices are going to be even more important in the future for staying in touch, and the Dutch seem to be ready for that progress!”

Man up!

Posted on 20th February, 2014 in Twoo

small-twoo-boys-wcopy kopie

On 19 November 2013, Twoo HQ joined the world in celebrating International Men’s Day. And what better time than Men’s Day to put our male users under the spotlight and investigate what a man is – or should be – in today’s world. We began our research by asking our female users for their definition of the ideal man… and let’s cut to the chase: gentlemen, you really don’t need to look like Brad Pitt or David Beckham to wow the ladies. Clearly, it can’t hurt – but there are more important factors to take into consideration than a pretty face and a stack of cash.

Some body to love

While it’s true that 52% of the women we surveyed claimed to prefer a fit, sporty appearance in their ideal men, we found that shapely men were more popular (taking 27% of the vote) than slender gents (22%). The message? In general, women are attracted to all sorts of body shapes, and aren’t afraid of the odd curve or bulge here and there. But don’t take this as an excuse to stay slumped in front of your TV, because although there seems to be some truth to the idea that there’s somebody for every body out there, you’ll increase your chances (and your overall health) if you take a little exercise and get up off that couch!

Do clothes make the man?

Suits and ties might not be required, but that doesn’t mean you guys are necessarily going to score by wearing sweatpants or the lethal combination of socks and sandals. Our women were mainly looking for casually dressed men (31%), but nearly a quarter of them admitted that they would be drawn to a chap who carries himself in a stylish manner. Clothing might not be the be-all-and-end-all, but making yourself vaguely presentable obviously helps to show potential partners that you can take care of yourself. Remember, first impressions definitely count.

Substance over style

Ok, so we’ve dealt with your body and what you put on it, but BREAKING NEWS ALERT: flexing your muscles and wearing the latest fashion just isn’t enough. Never underestimate the importance of what’s inside – personality! The ladies on Twoo made it clear that if you’re not frank (31%), humourous (10%), cheerful (8%), reliable (8%) or adventurous (6%), then forget it. And so what if there are a load of sporty hunks swanning around? The vast majority of our women (55%) said they were looking for one thing: a partner who trusts them. Personality and integrity always win out in the end!

Travel is hot, smoking is not!

Finally, if you’re looking for a secret weapon to help you conquer the hearts of our female members, our research suggests that you pull out one of your travel tales – because apparently there’s nothing hotter than a man who occasionally ventures out into the world. The more adventurous, the better! Topping our list of things to avoid mentioning, however, are tobacco products of all kinds – the majority of women (52%) are looking for non-smokers. So if you haven’t kicked the habit, maybe now’s the time…

Ok guys, now you know what women want, and it’s a fair bet that you’ll have recognised at least some elements of yourself while reading this blog post. So why not polish your rough edges using the results of our research and put yourselves out there on Twoo? We’d love to hear how you get on.

Have fun!

Team Twoo.

Film fans ditch partners for friends

Posted on 6th February, 2014 in Twoo


Everyone in Team Twoo loves movies, and so we decided to take a detailed look at Belgians’ film watching behaviour. And guess what we found out? Belgians prefer to go to the cinema with company. So far, so standard. What startled us was that 45% of them claimed that they would rather go to the flicks with friends than with a girlfriend or boyfriend. Partners were firmly relegated to second place (30%), while only 4% of respondents stated that they would rather go alone – mainly because that way they can see the movie they actually want to see. Ouch. Trouble in paradise?

A shoulder to cry on

However, as our results show, perhaps these lone wolves made the wrong choice and could have used some company after all – more than 60% of film fans admitted to regularly wiping away a tear at the end of a film (although obviously they almost all try to hide it). And yes, this is as true for men (51%) as for women (49%) – a stirring display of equality from our members! A tragic 5% of our Belgian survey group went even further, and confessed to being total cry-babies. Won’t someone give these sensitive souls a hug?

Horrified by romance?

While comedies (26%) and action films (22%) top the genres among our Belgian friends, in a surprising third place comes romance, followed by horror. Just under half of respondents described romantic comedies as being “sometimes ok”. At the same time, a similar number (44%) designated the genre as “heartwarming and funny”. At the opposite end of the spectrum, 7% spontaneously screamed “Change the channel!” As for horror films, slightly more than a quarter of Belgians (including men) said they jumped in terror while watching – the perfect opportunity to hide behind the extremely hardcore 10% who claimed to have “seen them all”. Because nothing says FUN TIMES like quaking in your seat…


It seems that almost all of us like to share our cinematic experiences with friends. Can’t find someone to go with you? Turn to Twoo! Wherever you’re based and whatever your tastes, updating your favourite films on Twoo could lead to a connection with a brand new movie buddy from your area. But where to go from there? Well, based on the numbers, we’d recommend a comedy. Whether it’s romantic or not… we’ll leave that up to you!

Happy viewing!


Why your Twoo profile picture sucks

Posted on 28th January, 2014 in Twoo

Here at Twoo HQ, we regularly receive e-mails from people telling us that their profile isn’t getting enough attention. In cases like this, our first step is to check out the user’s profile. And in the vast majority of cases, our search for answers ends right there. The reason? An unflattering profile picture.

Think for a minute about how you use Twoo. While browsing through profiles, it’s a fair bet that you’ll have skipped past other members simply because their photos didn’t hook you at a glance. The old cliché that first impressions count is unfortunately true. And if you’re judging people in a couple of seconds based only on their picture, you’d better believe that they’re doing the same to you. If your profile isn’t getting any interest, it’s almost certainly down to your choice of photo.

Don’t believe us? Fine, we don’t expect you to blindly take our word for it. Instead, we thought we’d put our theory to the test, using guinea pigs plucked from our own staff. A pair of our diligent workers, Lien and Stijn, each created two near-identical profiles each – the only difference being the choice of profile picture. One profile had a great pic, while the other had a truly awful one: dark, out of focus and unflattering. We set up the profiles, and waited to see how other Twoo users would respond. After a week, we tallied the results. And here’s what happened…


 As you can see, the numbers speak for themselves: the good photos got the action. Let’s look again at Lien’s bad photo, though – what’s wrong with it (apart from the darkness, the lack of eye contact, the fact that it’s out of focus and the unflattering sense of exhaustion that it exudes)? The impression it creates isn’t friendly or engaging, so why would we want to find out anything more about this person? Now compare it with Lien’s good photo. She seems happy and relaxed, and is looking and smiling right at us. We want to know more, to be around that positive, upbeat energy… maybe even to be the one to prompt that smile in future.

Now let’s see how Stijn fared.


Again, you can see the difference. Users responded to the good photo, because Stijn looks like the sort of person we might actually want to be around. He’s engaging with the camera, smiling and radiating good humour, on what looks like a lovely day, out and about. Fun, right? Contrast that with the bad photo – what’s interesting about this social misfit? His awkward posture? His murky face that we can’t really make out? His evasive stare off-camera? You get the idea.

So what are the conclusions of our experiment? The better the profile pic, the better the response! Clear, brightly lit, happy photos are guaranteed to make a better impression than blurry, gloomy, miserable ones. So before you write to us, baffled by the lack of action your profile is getting, take a minute to check your profile from a stranger’s point of view (or even ask a trusted friend for their honest opinion). Based on first impressions, would you want to find out more? No? Then start snapping and don’t stop until you’ve got a bright, welcoming, friendly profile photo. We think we’ve proved that it makes all the difference.

Get ready to be noticed!

Twoo HQ

Deleting your Twoo account

Posted on 23rd January, 2014 in Twoo

Here at Twoo, while we’re always sorry to see people leave, we want to make the process as clear and simple as possible, so we’ve put together this easy-to-use step-by-step guide.

To delete your Twoo account:

(1) Go to the dropdown menu at the top right of the screen.

(2) Navigate to Settings.

(3) In the “Account” section at the top of the Settings page, click Edit.

(4) Next to “Account status”, click Delete account.

(5) You will now be offered 3 alternatives to deleting your account:

  • Hide your account: this option hides your profile from searches, giving you a break from active participation.
  • Refresh your profile and history: this option clears all activity on your profile, giving you a clean slate.
  • Try an Unlimited account: this option gives you a taste of our Unlimited service.

If none of these options appeal and you still want to delete your account, click continue deleting your profile.

(6) When prompted, please enter your password for security reasons. If you forgot your password, go to the forgot password page and follow the instructions. Select the reason why you’re leaving Twoo and click Delete your account.

(7) Your account has now been deleted.

One of the reasons that Twoo users give for deleting their account is that they would prefer to receive less emails. If you want to take control of the amount of notifications you receive, please follow the instructions below.

To change your mail notification settings:

(1) Go to the dropdown menu at the top right of the screen.

(2) Navigate to Settings.

(3) In the “Notifications” section at the bottom of the Settings page, click Edit.

(4) Choose your notification preferences from the options listed.

Finally, if any other aspect of your Twoo account is unclear or confusing, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions page here: http://www.twoo.com/faq or contact  info-en@twoo.com.


Posted on 29th August, 2013 in Twoo

Glenn, 22, Aalst, Belgium
“I have found a girlfriend.”

Since Twoo launched in 2011, we’ve come to realise that people use the site for all sorts of reasons. Here at Twoo HQ, we’ve always thought of ourselves as a social discovery platform, not a dating site. We want to give our users a safe, friendly place to meet new people quickly. But the plain fact is that every once in a while – online and in the real world – a friendship deepens into something more.

Every week, we receive hundreds of messages from people all over the world – testimonials from Twoo members who met through the site and have taken things to the next level. It’s a special feeling to know that we’ve played a part in these success stories, so we thought we’d share the love and present a selection of highlights from the last few months.

Let’s kick things off with Marissa from the Netherlands, who was sent an invite to Twoo by a friend and signed up. After a month of chatting, she met up with her now-boyfriend: “We’ve been happy together for two months now! I’m glad I joined this site,” she says. This is a sentiment echoed by Jolijn from Belgium – she and her future beau clicked right off the bat as friends, and then quickly became a couple. “Seven months later, we live together and are super happy!” she writes. Miss from Bulgaria, expanding on the theme, explains: “At the first meeting, we knew we wanted to be together.” They’ve now lived together for three months.

Meanwhile, Giuseppe from Venezuela sent us big hugs for putting him in touch with his “beautiful woman”, while Juliana from Brazil is over the moon: “I already found my soulmate and I’m very happy!”

However, our favourite message of recent times goes one step further, and really sums up the full potential of Twoo as a place to meet new people. “It started as a small friendship,” says Joseph from Portugal, “and now we’re engaged.” Congratulations, and hooray!

Joseph, 30, Setúbal, Portugal

Joseph, 30, Setúbal, Portugal

Juliana, 20, São José dos Campos, Brazil

Quỳnh Như, 20, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam









We think the comments above show that we’re doing a good job introducing like-minded people to one another around the world. But what does the future hold? Only time – and you – will tell. Whether you’re using Twoo to socialise or to meet your one true love (or anything in between), we love hearing your stories. It means the world to Team Twoo to know that we’re helping people to find happiness!

So keep us in the loop by e-mailing your story to info-en@twoo.com.

And whatever the reason you’re on Twoo, have fun!

Twoo HQ


Posted on 22nd July, 2013 in Twoo

verified logoHere at Twoo HQ, we’re always working on ways to improve the user experience for our lovely members. Our community is 15 million strong, and growing all the time.

We’ve always adopted a zero tolerance stance on fake profiles at Twoo, and that’s why we’re launching a new feature that lets our users prove who they are. Let’s say you spot someone interesting on the site… how do you know they’re for real? What if 30-year-old Gemma actually turns out to be 50? Or even to be James?

Of course, this cuts both ways: how will other people know that you’re who you claim to be? The online world can be a weird place, and trust is a key step on the way to making new connections in any area of life. We think we’ve found a solution to this potential minefield: get ‘Verified’.

To show that you’re a real person, simply take a picture of yourself showing the Twoo ‘Verified’ sign – the globally recognised ‘victory’ hand gesture – and submit it for review. To make the victory sign, extend and part your index and middle fingers with your palm facing away from you, while holding your other fingers down with your thumb. Just make sure your hand is the right way around, otherwise our review team might take offence!

Maria Gorskaya 2994F6B7-E076-42A6-AEBC-699B60989F9E

A handy reference to the ‘V’ of ‘Verified’, the sign lets us know that it’s really you behind the screen.

After we’ve reviewed the picture, we’ll add a green ‘Verified’ hand icon next to each confirmed user’s name. This gives you quick and clear proof while you’re browsing that you’re dealing with the genuine article. We want you to have the best time possible on our site. By giving you an authentic and safe environment in which to meet and get to know new people, we’re making sure you direct your energies at the right people: REAL people.

And here’s another victory for the verified: Twoo users with verified profiles are currently getting many more visitors and likes than those without them. Safety and success – it’s a win-win situation!

Team Twoo is currently approving thousands of users every day all over the world. So strike a pose, snap a photo and get verified TODAY.

Happy chatting, and who knows, maybe your next picture will look something like this :)


Revealed: Twoo’s Ultimate Party Animals

Posted on 15th March, 2013 in Twoo


It’s Friday, and for Twoo users in most parts of the world that means it’s the weekend; time to down tools and get the party started. Twoo members everywhere have been using our Q&A feature to find out about each other’s socialising habits, so we’ve focused our latest blog post on the global search for the ultimate party. Which nations party hardest? Who are the dampest squibs? And what do Twoo users really look for in a good night out?

First up, we analysed what our members are saying about their favourite time of day. Topping the list of early birds were Poland (26%) and Vietnam (21%), while the top-ranking night owls were from Poland (39%) and the UK (28%) – Poland clearly has a healthy mix of people who are up at all hours! Members who chose the “any time” option (a slightly different proposition) overwhelmingly came from Spain (53%) and Brazil (50%). But is there a link between people who stay up at night and people who like to party? And anyway, who says that parties have to be held at night? ;)

Our next batch of questions looked at partying in the context of a broad range of other activities, including working, catching up on sleep and absorbing culture. While sorting through our users’ answers, we started to notice a trend. Throughout our surveys, one country kept coming to the fore: France! Where can you find the French at weekends? Partying! How about when they’re on holiday? Partying! Unlike the Vietnamese, British and Polish (who are always working) or the Australians (who would prefer to be off exploring the world), our French members are reliably to be found attempting to kick off the good times wherever they are!

To settle things once and for all, we decided to just come right out and ask: what is our members’ ideal night out? The results are below (and if you’ve read this far, the top nation will come as no surprise!).


So now we definitely know who wants to party, but who are the most fun people to have at your shindig? Our Vietnamese members described themselves as being the most introverted, while at the opposite end of the scale were the extroverts of Brazil (40%) and Spain (38%). When we cross-referenced this against amounts of alcohol consumed, however, we were in for a shock. Almost everyone replied that they drank at least a little, but who do you think topped out the list of members who don’t drink? Brazil (45%) and Spain (38%) – our two most outgoing member states! So alcohol is apparently not the major factor in putting together the best party possible, as long as you cram in as many natural extroverts as possible… Partying is clearly in the genes!


But where, you may be asking, were the French in all this? As we’ve seen, it’s a fair bet that they’ll be partying, but will they be any fun? Well, a whopping 66% of our French users thought so, but only if they’re in the right mood. Catch them in the right frame of mind, and your event is good to go!

Our final conclusions, then? For a crazy party full of natural carnival atmosphere at any time of day, consider heading to Brazil or Spain – but if you want a reliable night of revelry with people who really want to be there, invite your French friends!

If you disagree with our findings, why not head over to your Twoo profile and make your own impression on the stats? And wherever you are in the world, we hope you’re having fun…

Remember, this party’s just getting started!

Twoo Party HQ


Twoo members meet their Cinematch!

Posted on 19th February, 2013 in Dating, Twoo

Valentine’s Day saw a meeting of minds this year, as Twoo teamed up with women’s magazine Flair to create a unique romantic extravaganza. Billed as a “Cinematch”, the event gave 300 singletons in Antwerp, Belgium, the chance to mingle before attending an advance screening of the Oscar-nominated Silver Linings Playbook.


This time of year can be a frustrating reminder of one’s single status, so what better time to treat Antwerp’s single men and women to an evening created just for them? Team Flair brought along a selection of their female readers, while Twoo provided a range of dapper gentlemen users – the idea being to match them up over the course of the night.

Our blind dates were settled at tables named after famous couples (Tarzan and Jane, Jack and Rose, Samson and Delilah – you get the idea!), and the event was off and running! Fizz was drunk, delicious nibbles were eaten, and there was plenty of time for our guests to get acquainted before the film began. With a photo booth and love meter on hand to break the ice, it wasn’t long before everyone relaxed and the night kicked into high gear. The icing on the cake? A Twoo goodie bag filled with candy for every couple – the perfect accompaniment to our quirky cinematic finale!


The event was a resounding success, with the party continuing long into the night. And we learned a few things about the current singles scene into the bargain:

  • The dress code for a night like this? Mostly casual chic, as it turns out.
  • Chat-up lines seem to be on the way out – hooray!
  • Food and drinks really do calm the nerves in what can feel like a high-stress situation – one of our users actually went to a bar before he turned up at the Cinematch because he was so jittery…

Anyway, many thanks to everyone who came along! We hope everyone who attended enjoyed it as much as we did. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for a full photographic record of the fun!